Liberty and Security (Themes for the 21st Century)

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It finally reached a head when a team of inexperienced young heroes messed up fighting a villain and caused the death of 60 people in Stamford, Connecticut.

Implications for Security

This prompted the United States government in the comics to pass the Superhero Registration Act, which required all superheroes to register with the government, submit to training, reveal their identities to the [authorities], and basically be held accountable for their actions should anything go wrong. This caused the split among the superhero community that later became known as the civil war. He was the pragmatist, or, in philosophical terms, the utilitarian—trying to take the world as it is, and make it as much better as you can.

Submission for a Roundtable of the Civil Liberties Committee of the European Union

He saw [the Superhero Registration Act] as a violation of civil liberties, and worried that if politicians required superheroes to reveal their identities to the government, data might get leaked, and leave the heroes and their loved ones susceptible to the bad guys. When it comes to the Patriot Act, the National Security Agency, and the Transportation Security Administration, how far are we willing to go to weaken or sacrifice our personal liberties in the spirit of increasing our security?

Have the symbolic resonances and parallels changed in Captain America: Civil War? The comic book story is a bestselling title on Amazon and the movie will be number one for the weekend because the basic idea of freedom versus security is a perennial issue. One [noticeable] change was that, in the comics, Spider-Man was perhaps the third leg in the story.

And Iron Man instituted a prison in an anti-matter dimension to hold un-registered heroes without trial indefinitely, which is clearly Guantanamo Bay in comic-book form. The fascinating thing is not which side Spider-Man ends up on, but that this [struggle] is uniquely personal to him. In the comic books, no one has guarded his secret identity more than Spider-Man has.

Spider-Man is, then, the person on the ground through which the reader sees a conflict between [ethical principles] going on. A salient theme of the movie is a deep concern for the far-reaching consequences of collateral damage, even when heroes are trying to save people. What does it say about America in that superhero movies are expressing some compassion for the civilians caught in the crossfire? This was also a theme this summer in Batman v Superman ,which started with Bruce Wayne visiting the climactic battle at the end of Man of Steel , where Metropolis is basically laid to waste.

That may be part of it. Why do you think these stories of heroes versus heroes have hit the zeitgeist now?

Is that coincidence? Well, if you read comics long enough, there are so many coincidences between what the big two companies do. One theory why is that the traditional costumed super villain just looks ridiculous now: In the old days, villains would rob banks, but superheroes have real-world threats to deal with these days, like Iron Man fighting rogue states.

21st century human rights are technological, environmental and co-operative | openDemocracy

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A Very Brief History of Queer Female Superheroes

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Liberty and Security (Themes for the 21st Century) Liberty and Security (Themes for the 21st Century)
Liberty and Security (Themes for the 21st Century) Liberty and Security (Themes for the 21st Century)
Liberty and Security (Themes for the 21st Century) Liberty and Security (Themes for the 21st Century)
Liberty and Security (Themes for the 21st Century) Liberty and Security (Themes for the 21st Century)
Liberty and Security (Themes for the 21st Century) Liberty and Security (Themes for the 21st Century)

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