Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking

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Creating mind maps

What you'll learn. No special skills are required to succeed in this course Come with a growth mindset Have a willingness to learn and try something new For both the beginner and well-practiced mind mapping student. Course content. Expand all 19 lectures So, exactly what are mind maps and how can they be used? Mind Maps Explained. Preview Visualize Your Mind Map. Real time mind map with me practice along with music. Mind Map Challenge. Visualization and the Brain. Unlocking the Brains Power. Radiant Thinking - The Power of Visualization.

How to Easily Find Keywords. Normally you would not use this map for studying history or anything like that. It is just not something that sticks on your mind because the lack of colors and images. Keep it as simple as possible. A map from Dilip Singapore we just have to add to our list of maps so it can help us improve our mapping techniques.

It should be easier to read when the branches would be in the same color. Another thing you could do is use the same colors for the same ideas. So blue for everything related to future. Red for travel, etc.

Tony Buzan (Mind Mapping) - How To Make the Most of Your Creative Mind : Learning Technologies 2013

This means that you can group not just in branches but also see in one view what related topics are. This is more an info chart probably.

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Still, it has a central topic and image and it connects the topics. I included this map to make sure you know that mind mapping in the traditional sense is done differently, but you should not be bound by the rules of traditional mind mapping only. Make your own rules and work on your skills to improve clarity in your information. Find your own style and move forward. Your biggest takeaway is that you should know that mind maps are wonderful tools to tell stories. They are all stored in maps that tell a story.

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In fact, every map tells a story. It is up to you to capture it and make is as clear and inviting as possible for yourself and to your audience. This is what your life, mind, work and maps should like like I think. Simplicity is key. I love this! It is a 60 second map. In my practical mind mapping training, I tell people to spend as little time working on their map as possible. Simply create a map that does what it needs to do and be done with it.

Spending too much time on mind maps is a waste of time. There are many different maps that we had a look at. Some are very colorful. Other only use words. There are some maps that were done in less than a minute.

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Others took probably many hours to create. I believe that there is not a perfect mind map. A map can be good right now, and useless tomorrow. This is just because of changing circumstances and new information and thoughts. No matter what you do with a mind map, always understand what your goal is and how the map will benefit you in that process. When you do that, you are ready to create real overview and clarity in your thoughts, ideas, work, and life.

You can create all kinds of professional diagrams; not just mind maps, but flowcharts, sitemaps, network diagrams, wireframes, and more.

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Try it out for yourself with our day free trial. No credit card required. Mind maps guide. This guide is perfect for: anyone interested in brainstorming new ideas or learning more effectively, writers, students, strategists, or anyone who needs a way to work through complex concepts with overlapping parts, and people wanting to brush up on the fundamentals of mind mapping.

The Mind Mapping Concept

We have broken things up into three parts. An overview Explore the history, uses, and supporting research behind mind maps. Creating mind maps Walkthrough creating mind maps in Cacoo. An overview What is a mind map? Uses Because mind maps are highly versatile and easy to produce, they can be used for a variety of functions, including: Brainstorming: Mind maps change and adapt with your ideas. Note-taking: Quickly capture and organize concepts from lectures, presentations, or meetings.

Decision making: Think through complex ideas to arrive at the best decision possible. Presenting: Mind maps are much easier for audiences to understand quickly than reading full sentences. And they can easily be placed into PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. Planning: Plan and organize an event, strategy, project, or meeting. Diagramming tool: Mind maps can help you flesh out the goals you want to set for creating more complicated diagrams such as wireframes, network diagrams, or flowcharts. Then, follow along with these steps: Select a template or blank canvas.

The template library will pop up automatically when you open the Cacoo Editor. You can either select a relevant mind map template to get you started, or create your work from scratch with a blank canvas. Add your central idea. Everything you create in your mind map will somehow connect back to your central idea, so plop down a shape with a word or phrase that represents that idea right in the middle of your canvas, or use the shape already available in the mind map template you selected in step 1.

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All About Mind Maps

Add your first layer of subtopics. The subtopics radiating directly from your central idea will probably be broad. Continue to branch off those subtopics, getting more specific as you get further from your central idea. Each new layer of branching should dig deeper into that specific area of your central idea. Keep adding new connections. Use lines between shapes to show how they are connected. Some ideas may have only one connector leading to it or coming out it. Other shapes may have multiple in either direction.

Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking
Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking
Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking
Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking
Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking
Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking
Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking
Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking
Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking

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