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Useful information about the trending, nowdays maximum guys want to create a blog for online business, and this is not passion. Honestly blogging is an art, I know some well-know blogger who come from their skills, and thats why they get success, because they love and loved to write. This is an important topic to talk about — as we go into a new year. Blogging is the best thing that happened to me. But, it was not an easy road to walk through. It does take a lot of time and effort to build a successful blog online. It is a real business because it can pay you like a real business — so you should treat it like one.

I think that is one of the main problems with new bloggers, they do not take the time to actually plan how they are going to build a successful business with their blog. This is something I had to learn the hard way myself. When I first started with blogging, I did not have a plan of action or a blueprint to follow. I just got blogging and expected miracles.

How to Find Your Niche Market

You need to have a detailed plan from the beginning til the end. This is the only way you will stay on course even through the hard times. There are too many variables and factors in play to answer this conclusively for everyone reading. Ultimately, if you start a blog with the intention of making some money you are starting a business so it requires a business mentality, basic business education and a consistent business approach in everything you do. They wanted the perceived easy route to easy money through blogging without understanding that they are actually entering into business.

Quick to set up. Easy to run with WordPress and cheap as chips to maintain………or so we are lead to believe. Big problem! Up steps the MMO niche blogger. The majority of whom really have no clue about business whatsoever but because they have an attractive site with all the bells and whistles, pop ups, slide ins, welcome mats etc etc etc so they seem to know what they are doing………..

They proclaim this and that and direct you to those wonderful gizmos, gadgets, plugins and funnels that are for the most part useless to anyone, particularly to those without the underpinning business knowledge required to implement them. They offer the bare basic set up tutorials with a few affiliate bells, whistles and shiny objects thrown in for good measure to make a few bucks……. You get the idea. Spending money on some other form of traffic generating advertising or marketing got them to where they are. Their initial growth and audience were largely bought through Ads…….

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This is basic business practice for that particular niche. Makes lots of sense for the MMO marketer to do this. That is the reality. But failing to tell the truth behind their success is a sure fire way of ensuring that the majority will spend 3 years in the trenches if they last that long before they see any great returns. Getting to page 1 on Google is a myth for most.

This obviously raises the question that if the failure rates for bloggers are so high and also so well known, why do these two top MMO bloggers continue to teach the same curriculum? Or just business? The truth……. Has very little to do with your Theme or the plugins or the autoresponder that you use. Little to do with your content or SEO because there is likely already just too much competition initially for you to make any organic headway anyway.

This is borne out by the success rate of real business owners with real business knowledge, who use the same WordPress themes and Plugins but with minimal content, very little in the way of SEO, guest posting or by using the plethora of other shiny objects that appear in your inbox that are purported to help your blog make you more money. My advice …….. If you are serious about blogging as a business and you have the consultation fee available then go and speak to a real life business analyst.

If we could really emulate the top bloggers and it is all laid out for us to see, why are so many failing? I mean there are several reasons why blogs fail.

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Loose interest in long term. Thought it was easy to make money from blogging without much effort. No planning as in how to grow the blog. Loosing views to competitors or unable to change when Technology trends change. Great read, Ramsay!

50 Niche Site Ideas Ripe for the Taking! - Income School

Actually, networking is one the most important aspects of a successful blogging career. Many forget that they need to socialize and be less robotic in their interactions with their audience AND other people in their niche. They have a bigger reach and they can help you grow if you ask nicely. Everyone can get a piece of the pie if they are willing to network and help each other.

How to Find Your Niche and Stand Out on YouTube

Excellent post. Now I have come to know the reasons of failing bloggers in I have interest in blogging and I love to write. So, I can get success in blogging. Blogging is the powerful channel to acquire customers or educate visitors. In , user-generated content will get a lot of popularity to attract the audience. Blog created on the same lines will get success and will stay ahead in the competition. It is important to follow the white hat SEO techniques to avoid any penalization by Google.

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Follow the best practices and create a blog on the evergreen topic to drive the massive traffic to the site. Great post and with so many people set new goals, many of them will turn to the Internet in hopes of starting a new blog and making money. I started my blog so I can move away from my freelancing business. I have been blogging for about 14 months now.

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  • Why do you want your blog? As long as the reason that you started your blog is important enough. I spend most a lot of my time guest posting and promoting my blog. Run tests on your blog and see what works. I used to be afraid to test things out on my blog. When you start your blog, you need to have the mindset that it will take you at least 3 years to create a profitable blog. Although I do think that a lot of the landscape is changing next year, especially if the net neutrality stuff changes.

    Patience, Consistency and hard work is only the way to become a successful blogger. I have seen many newbie bloggers to jump into a niche where they think that this will bring them huge money. Ultimately they fail to do that and withing few months they quit or change the route.

    My Destined Niche My Destined Niche
    My Destined Niche My Destined Niche
    My Destined Niche My Destined Niche
    My Destined Niche My Destined Niche
    My Destined Niche My Destined Niche

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