Port Hope Simpson Mysteries (Japanese Edition)

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Hear that? If you cheapskate me into hell, I'll haunt you good. Imagine this when you're sittin' on the john. It's really up to you.

We're gonna go with the wolves. I wish I could go 17,, but- Hmm? Sir, if I may, think of it as an investment in extravagance. The Mauso-Palooza can be seen from space. It'll consume as much cement as a regulation-size tennis court. Tennis court, eh? Oh, I can't believe we went through all that just to wind up with a tennis court. I bet you didn't see that comin'. You don't care what happens to me when I die. Of course I do, Dad. And if it were up to me, you wouldn't die at all.

But try telling that to "Killy McGee" up there. That's tennis? That's what I wanted. That seems about right.

Spaces & Places Port Hope Simpson Mural Explained

You know, a tennis court can really make your house look classy. I hear Mel Brooks has one. I mean Sir Mel Brooks. And it's bad news for the gophers. It'd be nice to entertain friends and have people over.

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I grunted way too early. Hey, this was a lot of fun, guys. Yeah, we never knew nobody with their own tennis rink. So what happens now? Is the food free, or do we pay someone? Course not. They send ya a bill. Well, that's why I asked.

That's how you learn- By asking, you dumb-ass. And how about that Stephanie the weather girl? But the real winners here are Marge's hors d'oeuvres. How do you come up with such witty remarks? Hurry up. So from now on - all hats are banned from the school. Chief Wiggum. Are you here to make a bust of some kind? No, we're just, uh, checking- to make sure you're having a crime-free morning. As far as I know. Lettin' that tennis court go to waste. Would you boys like to play tennis?

Why, yes.


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Yes, we would. We'll be right out. Hello, Marge. He did, but he had it converted into a human chessboard. Come back, fools! Protect me. I'm surfing the net.

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His clowning around is putting me at ease. We win again. Will you get serious, Homer? I'd like to win at least once. Come on, Marge. All sports have their lovable clowns- - John Rocker, O. Simpson, Dorf.

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I've got it. It's in the bag. Hey, Chief, we're gonna bust up that crack house tonight. Oh, Maggie, are your ears burning? The Simpsons? You mean the L. Clippers of backyard tennis?

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They're easier to beat than a suspect in shackles. Aw, this home testing kit saved me a fortune.

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You'll never guess what I heard in the supermarket today. I found out we're the laughingstock of the town. Well, that's bad news for Dingbat Charlie. I thought our tennis court was bringing us a little respectability.

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Instead, people make fun of our lousiness. Now, some of that is me. All of that is you. You've gotta take this more seriously. But it's under extreme pressure from the outside world, and we're trying to save it from that. We don't even fly over the village. That is not what we're about. We respect their privacy, we respect their desire to live untouched by the outside world and we intend to preserve that.

Robinson is also a noted conservationist, preserving and documenting many of Niihau's natural plant resources. The island is designated as a critical habitat for endangered and endemic species such as the endangered Olulu plant and the Pritchardia palm tree, named for his Uncle Aylmer.

But perhaps the best-known endangered species on Nihau is the Hawaiian monk seal, llio-holo-i-ka-uaua to Hawaiians, or "dog that runs in rough water.

Port Hope Simpson Mysteries (Japanese Edition) Port Hope Simpson Mysteries (Japanese Edition)
Port Hope Simpson Mysteries (Japanese Edition) Port Hope Simpson Mysteries (Japanese Edition)
Port Hope Simpson Mysteries (Japanese Edition) Port Hope Simpson Mysteries (Japanese Edition)
Port Hope Simpson Mysteries (Japanese Edition) Port Hope Simpson Mysteries (Japanese Edition)
Port Hope Simpson Mysteries (Japanese Edition) Port Hope Simpson Mysteries (Japanese Edition)
Port Hope Simpson Mysteries (Japanese Edition) Port Hope Simpson Mysteries (Japanese Edition)

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