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Admiral Alynna Nechayev comes aboard the Enterprise and shares tea with Picard in his ready room. They discuss the mounting tension in the Zone between the Cardassians and Maquis. Nechayev admits that the situation has her worried and that Starfleet cannot track down the various Maquis cells. Nechayev tells Picard that she is sending a Starfleet operative undercover to infiltrate the Maquis and gather intelligence to expose the cells. Nechayev recommends Lieutenant Ro for the assignment given her recent tactical training, her previous problems with Starfleet and the fact she is Bajoran.

Ro and Picard discuss the mission and Ro agrees to accept the assignment.

Although she is uncomfortable accepting a mission that will require her to help the Cardassians, she agrees if only to prove the trust that Picard has shown for her. Ro, disguised as a civilian, walks into a bar on the Ronara Prime colony followed closely by Lieutenant Commander Data and Lieutenant Worf. They announce that they are seeking a Bajoran woman with dark hair who killed a Cardassian soldier. Ro grabs an unsuspecting man and kisses him, hiding her face from Data and Worf. Another bar patron, Santos , tells them that she was in the bar but had just left.

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Ro approaches the bar and thanks Santos. She mentions that she would like to meet other people who oppose the Cardassians. Santos stuns her with a phaser and she is rendered unconscious. She awakens in the presence of an older man Macias , a woman Kalita and Santos. They question her and when she attempts to leave, Kalita aims a phaser at her.

She tells them some of the truth and a few lies; she also admits to killing a Cardassian soldier. She then goes for a walk with Macias while the other two check out her story. Macias expresses his outrage with the Cardassians and admits to Ro that many of the settlers living in the compound they are touring are Maquis. He orders hasperat from the food dispenser. Ro is surprised that he likes it and tells him that she knows a recipe for a very spicy hasperat that her father used to make on Bajor. It is clear that Ro regards Macias as a father figure, having lost her own father during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor when she was just a child.

Ro is brought to a meeting with several Maquis. They have received word that the Cardassians are planning to use biogenic weapons against them. They decide that a preemptive strike is needed to keep the Cardassians from poisoning them. Macias says they cannot strike because they are so low on medical supplies.

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Ro volunteers to steal medical kits from the Enterprise , she tells them that she used to serve on the ship. Kalita says that she will go along. Ro welcomes her both as a helper and a witness. The Enterprise receives a distress signal from a Starfleet science ship in the Topin system. The Topin star renders communication and sensors nearly useless, and the Enterprise does not detect Ro and Kalita's ship, which is hidden near a planet.

Preemptive Strikes and Preventive Wars: A Historian’s Perspective

Ro piggybacks a message on the distress signal to alert Picard to her presence on the ship. Worf decodes the message just as Ro and Kalita are about to penetrate the Enterprise 's aft deflectors. Picard lets the ship through and Ro beams the stockpile of medical kits onto the ship.

As they leave, Picard orders Worf to fire phasers on their previous position to make it look like they are trying to stop them. After Ro and Kalita return to the Maquis compound, Kalita praises Ro for her bravery and Macias remarks that he could tell, despite the Maquis being suspicious of outsiders, he knew from the start that in her heart, Ro was one of them.

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Having gained the trust of the Maquis cell, Ro is given a ship and is allowed to leave the colony alone. She reports to Picard everything she has learned, including the Cardassian plan to use biogenic weapons against them. While they talk in the observation lounge , Picard tells her they have come up with a plan to severely weaken the Maquis; they intend to present a target so threatening that they would commit a large number of ships to stop it. The prospect of biogenic weapons would be a perfect bait and tells Ro to make the Maquis believe that the Cardassians have already finished a biogenic weapon and are supplying it to the colonists via a third party.

He intends to send a convoy through the demilitarized zone, and when the Maquis attack the convoy, Starfleet would be waiting in the nearby Hugora nebula to strike and arrest everyone involved. Ro seems to be uncomfortable betraying her new friends, but she tells Picard that she will do her duty.

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She then returns to the Juhraya colony and tells the Maquis that she intercepted a Federation transmission about a Yridian convoy of freighters coming from Deep Space 9. This convoy supposedly carries the last components the Cardassians need to complete their biogenic weapon having already taken possession of others from Ferengi and Pakled transports.

Preemptive Strikes and Preventive Wars: A Historian’s Perspective | Hoover Institution

Macias decides to tell the other cell leaders and get their help to attack the convoy. Later, Macias and Ro are walking through the courtyard of the compound.

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  7. Macias talks to Ro about the grand feast he is planning when the Maquis finally make the Cardassians leave their homes. Ro tells him it will be a long time before they do celebrating of any kind. Macias tells her she must not give up hope. He remarks that they will make blueberry pie along with hasperat and he will play the belaklavion.

    Ro remembers her father had played the musical instrument when she was younger and afraid to go to sleep. Firstly, it seeks to clarify that the target of the attacks was an NSA, and not the military or the civilian population of Pakistan. Secondly, the terminology seeks to pre-empt and counter any arguments on the initiation of an international armed conflict between India and Pakistan through the argument that there was no engagement between the armed forces or militaries of the two States.

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    5. The genus of the inherent right of self-defence under Article 51 is not devoid of its own species. There are three possible scenarios in which the right of self-defence may get triggered. These scenarios may be understood in the form of a continuum. This restricts self-defence to merely a reactive right. There exists a crucial line of distinction between the two concepts. While anticipatory self-defence recognises the existence of the right in the face of a manifestly specific and imminent attack. The concept of preventive self-defence does not seek to rely on any concrete threat of an armed attack, and operates in the realm of contingency and conjecture eg.

      It is beyond debate that reactionary self-defence or self-defence simpliciter has a firm grounding in international law. James Crawford, p. The next section argues that India could have relied upon the plain text of Article 51 and its accepted interpretation to justify its actions as an exercise of the right of self-defence, without delving into the complicated realm of its sub-categories. As discussed above, Article 51 of the UN Charter recognises the inherent right of self-defence of States against an armed attack under international law. The right of self-defence recognized in the UN Charter does not clarify whether the same can be exercised against non-state actors.

      Furthermore, the right of self-defence against an NSA, by means of cross-border use of force, has received international acceptance specifically, USA, Israel, Russia, Turkey in the event that the host State is unwilling or unable to effectively deal with the threat posed by the NSA.

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