The Annunciation of Jack

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Got Beans? Annunciation school to perform ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’

Jesus fulfills the vision of Isaiah. We are deeply troubled by the violence that ensued when white supremacists, neo-Nazis and members of the Klan descended on Charlottesville, Va. What deeply disturbs us as a nation is their explicit denial of the dignity and humanity of other people.

Although the News on Wednesday highlighted the confrontation in Charlottesville and exposed moral deprivation, bigotry and prejudice, there were two articles that revealed our higher angels and aspirations. One is about a famous whiskey Jack Daniels and another is about a Marine and a Japanese flag. That fullness will be known only after the universe has ceased to exist. We need only look and listen to experience that triple presence. Jesus is present as shepherd in the community of believers when the Church prays as one.

Jesus is present in his word as proclaimed at Mass and meditated upon in the quiet of one's room. And, most tangibly, Christ is present truly and substantially present in the bread and wine of the Eucharist. We heard in the Gospel antiphon, "Show us Lord your love, and grant us your salvation.

We have already been promised salvation.

The above is something of a pseudo-homily in that I did not preach this morning. They were having a half-day of recollection at Faber Community.

Obituary for Jack Kenny (Services)

The only place closer to celebrate Mass would have been St. Mary's Hall in the Jesuit residence. Just far enough down the street and a hill that walking back was not an option. Alan proclaimed the Gospel and preached. The photos are from an hour spent on campus and in the chapel last night. BC is a great place for photography. It will be possible to visit the same places under different weather conditions and times of day. Gasson Hall with the tree visible in the distance. Friday, November 10, Dedication of the Lateran Basilica.

Jack Edward Hallenbeck

Ez ,, Ps ,, Jn The source of life. The slaker of thirst. Everything on earth depends on it. Human history, violent and peaceful, was, and is, very much the story of water. Migration patterns and development have shifted with the availability of water. There have been serious crises worldwide because of prolonged droughts.


Some places are almost completely lacking in water. We can go without food for days. Many Americans should go without food for days. We cannot survive without water. Too many people, including med students, whine that physicians don't learn enough about nutrition in med school. Big deal. A Big Mac can solve all hunger problems. However, physicians learn a lot about water, fluid balance, IV's and so on. Water is a much higher priority to human physiology than organic, vegan, gluten-free, and all the other trends and hobby horses today. Flowing from the Temple in the eschatological promise of Ezekiel.

Making glad the city of God in the Psalm. Water, giving us eternal life in Jesus. Today's readings reflect the basic and elemental nature of this feast. The name of the feast may be confusing. We are not celebrating a building. The Church building of the Lateran was destroyed and rebuilt a few times over the centuries. Facades were replaced and restored. What stands today is not the original.

We don't celebrate a Church today. We celebrate The Church. The Church into which one enters solely through the waters of baptism the Church which can have no other foundation than the one that is already there, Jesus Christ. If they are willing to drink of the living water that is Jesus.

Jack Kenny

The Jesus in the pages of this or any other gospel is not exactly a standard-bearer for bleeding hearts. The elemental nature of this feast, as reflected in the Gospel, reflects the elemental nature of water. Without water human life cannot survive. The Jesus of the gospels is not a wimp. The Jesus of the gospels called a spade a spade. The Jesus of the gospels did not cave into secularist society. The Jesus of the gospels acted forcefully when He had to.

We do well to remember that. Winter is making an appearance up here. The temperature will be around freezing for BCs last home game on Saturday. At least it is technically their last home game if one considers home to be campus. There is a game remaining against UConn to be played at Fenway, not too far down the street. Slowly getting settled at BC. It has been very busy with little time to unpack boxes. By next week there is a bit of a lull. Am awaiting a few seven-shelf bookcases so I can begin unpacking boxes.

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The Annunciation of Jack The Annunciation of Jack
The Annunciation of Jack The Annunciation of Jack
The Annunciation of Jack The Annunciation of Jack
The Annunciation of Jack The Annunciation of Jack
The Annunciation of Jack The Annunciation of Jack
The Annunciation of Jack The Annunciation of Jack
The Annunciation of Jack The Annunciation of Jack

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