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Typically, this position is only available to known clients who want to join our family.

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A clinic groomer is responsible for cleaning our facilities, on a weekly basis. The position is available for either full-time or part-time. Examine cats to detect and determine health, injury, or illnesses.

Talking Kitty Cat 68 - Sylvester Gets Paid

Counsel pet owners about treatment and diagnosis. Perform surgeries.

CATS Applicant Tracking System

A cat sitter is another great line of work for feline fans that involves visiting and caring for cats in their home. Cat sitters may also provide grooming care. Some owners may require you to have basic first aid and CPR knowledge and you may need to consider liability insurance. A popular career choice with young people these days is blogging or vlogging and you can make some serious cash from it these days.

You could also turn your cat into an Instagram sensation like Nala Cat. If you enjoy crafting, you could make cat-related items and sell them at craft fairs or online marketplaces like Etsy.


There has been a resident cat in the English government employed as a mouser and pet since the s, although modern records date only to the s. Other cats have been given this title affectionately, usually by the British press.

In a study was done showing that voters' perceptions of the Chief Mouser were not completely above partisanship. There is evidence of a cat in residence in the English government dating back to the reign of Henry VIII , [2] when Cardinal Thomas Wolsey placed his cat by his side while acting in his judicial capacity as Lord Chancellor.

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Banham at the Treasury authorised the Office Keeper "to spend 1d [a] a day from petty cash towards the maintenance of an efficient cat". The post has been held by Larry since , [11] the first to be given the title officially.

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Sybil, who began her tenure on 11 September , was the first mouser for ten years following the retirement of her predecessor Humphrey in Some sources described the new arrangement as a "job share" to avoid any hurt feelings. Larry is the only Chief Mouser listed on the official web site for Number Robert Ford, a political scientist at the University of Manchester , reported on a YouGov survey on partisan reactions to the Downing Street cats.

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Participants in the survey were shown a picture of Humphrey, the Chief Mouser appointed by Margaret Thatcher, and told that he was either Thatcher's cat or Tony Blair 's cat. Affinity for the cat divided along partisan lines: Conservative voters liked the cat far more when they were told he was Thatcher's and Labour voters liked the cat far more when they were told he was Blair's.

Jobs with cats: from vets to kitten socialisers and more

Ford concludes that partisanship shapes reactions to everything a politician does, however trivial, similar to the halo effect and a reverse "forked tail effect" observed by psychologists. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Flag of the United Kingdom. BBC News.

Retrieved 30 October The Daily Telegraph.


Archived from the original on 5 December The Cat and the Law. Van Vechten, Carl. The Tiger in the House".

The Cats Job The Cats Job
The Cats Job The Cats Job
The Cats Job The Cats Job
The Cats Job The Cats Job
The Cats Job The Cats Job
The Cats Job The Cats Job
The Cats Job The Cats Job
The Cats Job The Cats Job

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