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1. Become an SEO master

Recently, we launched Content Explorer 2. As part of the launch, I did a few videos for SEO-related Facebook groups , where I explained how to take advantage of these new features. It is.

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There is no quicker and better way to get booted and banned. That means you can respond to existing questions in your niche, establish your authority, and generate some traffic for your website along the way. But, Quora views are a vanity metric.

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The real question is: does it send traffic and sales to your website? Searching for good questions is essential.

101 Easy (& Cheap) Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

To find these questions easily, enter quora. That means: any answer you write here will also show up on Google, thereby sending you more referral traffic! If you want somebody to read your answer, be glued to its story and then click upvote or share, you have to craft compelling copy. Fortunately, there are copywriting formulas that make this easier, one of which is the AIDA formula.

A ttention: Capture their attention with something catchy or relevant. I nterest: Tell them interesting facts, uses, examples, or stories. A ction: Get them to take action.

How to Increase Website Traffic by k+ Monthly Visits

As a result, I got hundreds of upvotes and thousands of views:. Learn how to market successfully on Quora in our complete guide to Quora marketing. Because of that, podcasts have become one of the hottest marketing channels. But creating a podcast is tedious work. Tim , our Chief Marketing Officer, has appeared on numerous podcasts this year. Of course, the easiest way is to use Google. You can also use Site Explorer. Want to do this at scale?

For most businesses, there are plenty of non-competing brands with the same or similar target audience.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website (Fast!) 2019

We arranged a joint webinar with Buffer , a social media scheduling tool. We both promoted heavily on social media leading up to the day of the webinar.

Takeaway: look for opportunities to partner with brands that solve different problems for a similar audience. Not only that, he has managed to rank our videos on YouTube for some of the most sought-after keywords. Google search can be quite competitive when it comes to specific key phrases. YouTube wants viewers to stay on its platform for as long as possible.

That helps them make more ad dollars. We also updated our post on anchor text , after which there was a massive uptick in traffic to the post:. As you can see, SEO is not a set-it-and-forget-it task. To find the pages with decreasing traffic, look at your Google Analytics. Often, ranking drops occur because certain parts of your content are outdated.

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For example:. Depending on the target keyword, sometimes refreshing the outdated sections will suffice. Learn more about keeping your content evergreen in our guide to evergreen content. By merging and consolidating both posts into one delicious cocktail of a page, it is likely to perform way better in the SERPs.

Want to learn how to execute the Cocktail Technique? Read our guide to redirects.

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The vast majority of Google searches are very specific and unpopular i. A whopping Extend its shelf life. Turn it into different formats. After all, people consume content differently: some prefer video, some prefer audio, and some, like me, prefer to read. The reason: we want every article to generate consistent traffic for years after we publish, and we want to convert that traffic into paying customers.

The diminishing results of publishing blog posts that have no search traffic potential. But this ruthless prioritization has one drawback. Medium is a user-generated site that prioritizes great content. This algorithm allows topics with no search potential to be found by their readers. Plus, Medium Staff Editors spend their days handpicking great content to feature. Translation: Medium is a place where we can write about these abandoned ideas and still generate traffic. For you, it might not. By providing this type of content, you offer your audience flexibility in how they consume it.

This lets you reach larger audiences, and point them back towards your site. You can also target specific types of listeners with content geared towards their specific interests. Starting up a podcast takes a little work, but is a surprisingly beginner-friendly venture from a technical standpoint.

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Consider uploading your episodes to dedicated podcast streaming platforms, as well as featuring them on your own site. You can find plenty of podcast plugins to make that easy. Your options for how to generate traffic go beyond the site itself. To say video content is huge is an understatement. Therefore, starting up a YouTube channel for your site accomplishes two things.

It enables you to offer content in a format people are heavily invested in, and build an audience to send back to your main site. We have our own YouTube channel here at ThemeIsle. Last on our list of ideas for how to get traffic to your website is to start using email marketing. Email marketing is an incredibly useful tool in a variety of ways. It helps you build a stronger relationship with your core audience, and lets you easily market new products or promotions.

You can also share news and interesting information with your subscribers, and let them know about new content right away.

How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website (An In-Depth Guide)

All of these can have a significant effect on your traffic levels. You may even want to track those links , to see how effective your campaigns are at driving traffic. Email marketing is affordable to get started with, as you can find lots of free and cheap email marketing services. Implementing the above suggestions may take a little work, but the resulting influx of new visitors should be well worth the effort. Follow these 10 actionable tips to get more visitors to your website.

Click To Tweet. Do you have any questions about how to implement any of these tips? Download free guide. Share Now! Share Tweet. Recommended Video.

Traffic Boost your web site Traffic Boost your web site
Traffic Boost your web site Traffic Boost your web site
Traffic Boost your web site Traffic Boost your web site
Traffic Boost your web site Traffic Boost your web site
Traffic Boost your web site Traffic Boost your web site

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