Un napoletano come me (Italian Edition)

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Other recipes call for a combination of two whole eggs and two yolks rather than 3 whole eggs. Finally, one common variation has you add a goodly amount of crema pasticcera to the filling—not something Ive tried. The egg and fat content of the crust also varies quite a bit from recipe to recipe. I liked the result I got from the measurements given here. The high fat content gives it a nice flaky quality. This way your readers can go out and make the dish for the coming holiday if they want to. All I can say is that for us non-professional bloggers, life especially work life sometimes gets in the way of blogging.

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And so it was this year, for this dish. And Orthodox Easter is happening this weekend. And with the arrival of commercially made grano cotto , she says that pastiera has become a year-round treat, even if it retains its close associations with the Easter season. So go ahead and enjoy this Neapolitan treat any time you feel like it.

Print Yum Pastiera Napoletana. Save Save. Save Save Save Save. Enter your email address below and you'll receive new posts in your inbox as soon as they're published, at absolutely no charge. You'll never miss another recipe! Thank you for this recipe. I have been making this pie since I was a little girl, with my Grandfather, but using three times your recipe because we made it for the whole family. Unfortunately as the years have gone by and the elders passed, and I am the only one who enjoys it anymore.

I have tried to make a single, smaller version. Not a pretty picture. I am so excited and will let you know how it comes out. Buona Pasqua..

Homemade Italian Fennel Taralli da Tavola di Filomena

I know the feeling, Rose, of being the only one left who enjoys some of these old time dishes. But who knows? Thanks so much for stopping by. E Buona Pasqua anche a te! I am all about authentic holiday recipes from different countries! I find it fascinating to read about the recipes, and then I always enjoy the challenge to actually make the recipe in my kitchen.

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It helps keep things different! It sounds delicious, Frank!


And thanks for the ingredient tips…good thing you can buy everything online these days, right? In bocca al lupo!

In Italia voi avete il lusso di poter trovar la pastiera in commercio. Qui si non la facciamo a casa, non la mangiamo…. I have not seen this recipe before, I just love the use of wheat berries in it, it must make such a wonderful texture against the creamy ricotta. I love these recipes that are traditional for specific times of the year, I never understood it as a kid why not make it all the time if you love it but making it for the occasion and looking forward to the celebration meal is just wonderful. My recipe is pretty similar.

I have stuck with farro. The wheat berries just never got soft enough.

sinbulkverli.tk Deliciously beautiful. I love pastiera, I make it all time year long. You are right saying that everyone has a personalized recipe. My calls for less granocotto and no cinnamon. I love desserts like this!

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Terrific recipe — thanks. Or is it that Nonna never liked it and never made it? I love that you are posting this after Easter and your reason is perfectly acceptable! I, on the other hand, am blogging full time and guess what? As always, this looks fantastic, Frank! And thanks for the intel on the wheatberries.

I will try to find them in my local Italian market but am glad to know they are available online. I have always wanted to taste a pastiera and now know I will have to make it for myself! PS — I completely understand you posting this after Easter! To accommodate my job, I often post things willy-nilly without ever thinking of the holidays and where they fall! I am quite impressed you are pretty much always there on time!

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Hope you try it, David. And thanks for the support on the late blogging. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy Memorie Di Angelina. It keeps my family traditions and recipes alive! My dad was born in Abruzzo, my grandmother in Campobasso. It brings back wonderful memories and delicious meals. During that time, I ate many of the dishes that were made in our household.

Your blog takes me back every time I read a new recipe. Thank you and never stop. And thank you so much, Denise, for you kinds words! Well, I found another dessert I have to make. After all, we need to be sure of the quality correct? The flavor is vanilla and citrus and the scent is amazing. My bottle has lasted me quite a while. Grazie, Frank. Buon weekend. I did manage to make pastiera for Easter, but I am going to make another one having bough some artisanal ricotta yesterday — on that: see later.

I also tried on another occasion to make a filling using rice: the grano cotto I had from a Jar, had a distinctive lemony flavour- too much citric acid?? But curd cheese has nothing to share with ricotta. Because ricotta is not made with milk but with whey, left over from the production of cheese.

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Actually ricotta is not technically a cheese but just a dairy product. With completely different characteristics. However the particular type of curd cheese I describe, made with THAT specific amount of rennet and at THAT temperature does deliver results that are actually close to ricotta, with all the differences that I describe in my post mainly, as u say, that is it is not as light as real ricotta et alia…. In this we have to disagree: I do think that this particular type of cheese has quite a lot to share with real ricotta. Thanks for all these excellent tips for making pastiera.

I went and Googled her and had a good chuckle. I do want to go over and check out your recipe for fresh curd cheese. Never mind what you call it. Hence I devised my own method. Play around.

Un napoletano come me (Italian Edition) Un napoletano come me (Italian Edition)
Un napoletano come me (Italian Edition) Un napoletano come me (Italian Edition)
Un napoletano come me (Italian Edition) Un napoletano come me (Italian Edition)
Un napoletano come me (Italian Edition) Un napoletano come me (Italian Edition)
Un napoletano come me (Italian Edition) Un napoletano come me (Italian Edition)
Un napoletano come me (Italian Edition) Un napoletano come me (Italian Edition)

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